James Duncan / Hello-Fi

CD packaging for James Duncan’s debut album on Round Trip Mars Records.

Design & Art Direction  Dylan Pharazyn
Photography  Sean Gratton.

From infectious warped pop genius, led by the singles ‘Cupboards Bare’ and ‘My New Flumes’, to spacebound shoeglaze on the hypnotic ‘…Of Everyone Around You’ and the Radioscope Alt Chart #1 ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’, Hello-Fi heralds the arrival of a major songwriting talent.

Fans of James’s earlier work will undoubtedly find rich rewards in the five exclusive tracks only available on the CD, anyone with an ear for a good tune and the slightest smidgeon of taste will almost certainly instantly fall in love with the whole fandangle.

You can purchase this album as a CD or digital download from James’ Bandcamp site.